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Why Your Company Should Consider Investing in a Luxury Vacation Home


The attainment of a luxury home is often considered a hallmark of success in American culture. Time shares have allowed a greater portion of the population to be a part of this success, but isn’t it a common dream to own your own vacation house? Well, if individuals can aspire to this goal, why can’t a company?

When considering the factors and resources needed to attain a luxury home, it makes sense that a company would be the ideal customer. Companies have greater purchasing clout and organizational power than an individual; a collective effort by company management can provide the push needed to achieve this American dream.

All for One, One for All

A company owned luxury home can provide a wide range of uses for both individual employees, and for the company as a whole. Stays in the home can be used as incentives and bonuses for exceptional performance within the company; winning “Employee of the Month” would have a whole new meaning if it included a weekend getaway to the luxury company house.

The house can also be used on official company business. Annual management retreats, team building exercises, or even official business meetings can take place at a luxury home. Potential clients or customers will be impressed with the foresight and initiative your company took to attain a luxury vacation home, and the added appearance of success will help convince them to give you their business.

Waterfront Property

If you are a company based in New York, a water front property on the north coast could be just the house you are looking for. Set apart from all the hustle and bustle of the City, a north shore property will provide the rest and relaxation you and your employees need.

A particularly good location to consider is Sodus Bay. Located less than an hour’s drive east of Rochester, NY, Sodus Bay offers the beauty and peace of the country side with the relaxation of a lake front view. The splendor of the region is surpassed only by the houses and mansions that have been constructed on the shores of the Bay; these quaint, yet regal residences have attracted buyers from all over the state and region.

Respected Real Estate

For companies interested in adding a luxury vacation home to their assets, an experienced and approachable real estate agent is a must. For this and all other real estate needs, the Robert Piazza Palotto Sold Team has the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems. As Rochester’s most innovative real estate team, we are ready and willing to help you discover one of New York State’s best kept secrets. While Rochester boasts New York’s third largest population, we maintain the peace and quiet of a smaller town. If you would like to know more about our Sodus Bay properties, or other luxury homes that your company could benefit from, contact us today!

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