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5 Qualities of Luxurious Rochester Homes



While each home that we feature is unique in its own sense, there are a couple of things you will generally find across the board when it comes to luxurious homes in Rochester. Featuring homes from the region’s most affluent neighborhood, Pittsford, we have noticed that a majority of them offer certain features that may not be a guarantee elsewhere. If you’re looking to buy an upscale property in the greater Rochester area, here are some of the benefits of most properties that you will definitely enjoy.

Thermal Windows

This doesn’t mean that this type of window emits heat. Of course, homes in Rochester are well insulated because they have to be. We know how intense the winter can be at times. The proper name for thermal windows is Diocletian windows, which are large semicircular windows that are reminiscent of the enormous public baths of Ancient Rome. Now, we’re not saying Rochestertians live like the Romans did, but the architects of such homes were partial to this style of architecture. Simply put, if you like a lot of sunlight in your house, this is the way to get it!

Granite Countertops

Although this feature sounds like a no brainer, you cannot be certain that all homes found in Rochester will contain it. Since granite is a relatively modern stone used to make kitchen countertops, most new, luxurious homes are likely to have it. Why go with granite? It’s perfect for cooking thanks to its high durability, along with the fact that its one of the most aesthetically pleasing options available for countertops.

Private Road

Who doesn’t love a private road? Despite the fact that Rochester is not a heavily populated area where you have to worry about a lot of oncoming traffic, you can guarantee the serenity of your surrounding area by living on a private road. Furthermore, it’s also safer for families who let their young children play outside on a frequent basis. Living in a big home in the woods without the commotion of the neighborhood is the ultimate getaway.

In-Ground Pool

Even though seasons are a fundamental part of life living in upstate New York, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an in-ground pool. When summer finally does roll around, with an average temperature of 80 degrees in the summer, you are going to want to have a pool in your backyard if you aren’t bothered to trek all the way to Lake Ontario or the Finger Lakes.

Intricate Architecture

Aside from the coveted thermal windows, luxurious homes in Rochester boast a variety of architectural styles due to historical influences. If you’re in the market for a luxury home, you will most likely find houses with the following architectural styles: Colonial, Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional. Take your pick. There is plenty to choose from!

What Else is there?

The aforesaid information only skims the surface of the amenities our luxury properties feature. If you’re intrigued thus far, and want to know more, please contact us to set up an appointment!

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